Estate Records (Exert from my memoir #2)

He stood up to make his way to the bar to get us drinks touching my shoulder as he passed by. A few minutes later a glass of cold beer was sitting in front of me.  We were not strangers.  I had met him a year before through Jay who I was dating at the time and we had run into each other occasionally.  One night he asked me out and at first I reluctantly agreed.  It made me uncomfortable that he was friends with my ex.  He assured me he had not seen him in over a year.  There was one thing Scotty was good at, making women feel important.  He had used this skill to get me to agree to go out with him.  He was charming, good looking and other women wanted to date him.  So the night he asked me out I gave him my phone number.  He called me as soon as I got home to make sure I had given him the correct number.  I wondered how much of his charm was an act and how much was real.  I decided not to care.


The room around us was filled with smoke from cheap cigarettes and the smell of cheap beer permeated everything.  That night I didn’t notice, all I saw was the man sitting in front of me telling me his life story.


The Biggest Challenge Yet

I began running a few years ago.  It was the last thing I could have imagined myself doing 5 years prior as I was almost 300 pounds and could only walk one city block.  At 100 pounds lighter I decided to give running a go.  I down loaded the app “Couch to 5k”.  I followed the instructions to a tee and at the end of the program I signed up for a 5k race.  I was not running to come in first place, I was running to finish.

The morning of the race it was pouring rain.  Not just a sprinkle, but a huge downpour.  I decided to run anyway.  The race took us through downtown Seattle and back to Queen Anne.  I ran the entire race without stopping.  I was soaking wet, but somehow that did not matter.  I had completed my first challenge to myself.

A year later I upped the ante.  I signed up for a 10k.  I used the couch to 10k app this time.   I like these apps because they are a walk/run program which has you running the entire distance at the end.  I trained hard for this race and although I think I finished last or close to it, I ran the entire race without stopping.

This year I am challenging myself to 13.1, a half marathon.  I have begun training and will be signing up for a race soon.   The race gives me a goal to work towards.  When I run I have more energy and the endorphins keep me in a better mood.  When training I can eat almost anything I want and not gain weight, although I attempt to eat healthy.  I encourage everyone to try at least a 5k to challenge yourself and stay fit.

You Don’t Need to be an Athlete to Run

A few years ago I decided to challenge myself by taking up the sport of running.  I had never really been a runner but it was something I was driven to do.  I found a track and tried jogging around it a few times.  Not feeling like I was getting anywhere I realized I needed something more structured.  I downloaded the app Couch to 5K on Google Play and everything changed.

The app claims that it can take a person from couch potato and by the end of the program they will be able to run a 5k.  I had my doubts as I had not run that far since my late twenties.  The program starts out slow combining running and walking.  Diligently following the program I worked out 3 or more times a week.  Soon the track was no longer an option because my distance had increased significantly.  About midway through the program my knees started hurting.  I was worried I would have to stop, but I read about knee injuries in a running magazine.  The magazine suggested changing your form by making sure to keep your head up and your posture straight.  The recommendations worked and I continued on to the end of the program.

At the end of the program I was running 3.2 miles without stopping and I signed up for a 5k race in downtown Seattle.  I had been training for months now and was ready to put all that training to the test.  The morning of the race, true to Seattle, it was pouring down rain.  Not a drizzle but a full downpour.  I was devastated.  Not wanting to back out due to weather I put on my running wear and headed out the door into the rain.  I ran the 5k without stopping and by the end was dripping wet.  Running is not just about being an athlete, it is a challenge, it helps you set and reach goals and it is great for ones health.

The year after the 5k I signed up and trained for a 10k.  The 10k is almost 7 miles and a major achievement for someone who was once a couch potato.  This year my goal is to run a half marathon which is 13.1 miles.  I do not run to come in first place, I run to finish.  It will be a major challenge, but I am determined to reach my goal.  All you need to be a runner are a good pair of shoes.