Losing a Best Friend

I started working at Amazon about a year ago.  I worked in one of the warehouses near Seattle, Washington.  While working there I became good friends with Matt, one of my co workers.  He was younger than I and very outgoing.  You could say we were opposites.  We bonded over our love of music.

Matt would sometimes be the lead in the area of the warehouse where we worked.  He would let me work the back dock, which is what I wanted to do.  He always made me feel appreciated and always had a kind word to say.  He made work fun, not just for me, but for everyone around him.

Every evening we would take our breaks together with others from our department.  His younger brother also worked in our department and they had a wonderful relationship.  You could always tell if he was around in the break room because their would be a group of people laughing.  He made everyone happy.

One week I noticed he missed several days of work.  When he came back he said he had been in the hospital.  He said it was something to do with his intestines and he needed medicine he could not afford.  He was there for a while and then he missed work again.

One day I walked into work and was greeted by my coworker Cameron.  He said he wanted to walk with me back to my department.  Something about his request seemed unusual, but I agreed.  We walked about halfway there and were passing a bulletin board.  I noticed there was an announcement on the board.  It said that Matt had taken his own life.  I have been through this so many times I was just numb.  Work was never the same and never as fun.

Matt will be missed not just by me, but by everyone whose life he touched.  I hope he has found peace.


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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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