Becoming a Self Published Author (Part 2)

The Preparation

I am currently working on the rewrites of my short story.  It is taking a little bit of a different direction than my first version.  I am a perfectionist so I have to remind myself that at some point I need to be finished and call it done.  That being said the rewrite is going well but slow.  I have run into writer’s block, other things taking up my time and a few other hurdles but I make sure to keep working at it.


Since this is my first piece of writing to be published outside of a magazine or periodical I have been doing some research online.  On Amazon I have been reading other short stories that have been published as ebooks.  Having done so has taught me a few things and I am glad I decided to do this.  I found that publishing short stories for free can be a marketing tool for larger pieces of work.  At the end of the short story one can lead readers to their other works.  I look at the length of the stories, how they are formatted and I think about how I can make my story unique.

Items on My Agenda

This week I will be looking at different formatting programs, other publishing sites besides Amazon to see if different requirements are necessary,  pricing for ebooks both as short stories and full books.  While my story isn’t anywhere near being ready for publishing, I want to make sure that when I am ready to publish that I have all of my research done and out of the way so that I can make the best choices about where and how I want to publish my current project.