Would You Like to Swing on a Star (Part 1)

I stepped onto the ice and the blades of my skates glided across the smooth surface.  I turned my body and began crossing one foot over the other as I rounded a corner.  I was five years old and warming up before my group lesson.  My neighborhood friends Darci and Shelley followed behind me.  As I approached the other end of the arena hockey players pounded onto the ice and hit a puck back and forth at that end of the arena.  That area was reserved for their practice,

At the group lesson that day we were learning how to perform the camel.  I lifted my right leg until lit was parallel with the ground while keeping my torso straight, all the while balancing on my left leg.  My first attempts were wobbly, but eventually I got it.   After the lesson the three of us stepped off the ice and made our way to the cafeteria.  We sat on a wooden bench and watched the hockey players practice while sipping our hot chocolate.  My legs hurt and I wanted to take my skates off.  I got up and clomped to the locker room where I took my skating leotard and leggings off and changed into my street clothes.

As we left the building the Zamboni was making its way around the arena, smoothing out the ice.  The noise from the machine was loud and I did not hear Shelley say that we needed to wait for her sister.  Her arm reached out and tapped me on the shoulder, “We need to wait for Heidi.”

“Ok,”I said and stood against the window of the pro shop.  I glanced at the display in the window,  A pair of brand new shiny white skates were placed upon a stand underneath the latest style of skating leotard in purple. Oh how I wanted that pair of new skates.






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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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