Living Life as an Artist

This year I am living outside of my comfort zone.  After losing my job I needed a way to earn an income quickly.  I had several watercolor paintings I had done and decided to try and sell them.  I set up a stand on Venice Beach and to my surprise I have sold all of the paintings I arrived with.

I have since expanded to acrylic paints and I am exploring abstract ideas and concepts.  Venice Beach is a great place to begin as an artist.  It does not cost anything to have a stand and the weather is usually pretty nice.  The locals and tourists act as a test market for what an artist might experience off the beach.

The downside of supporting oneself as an artist is the money is not great.  One has to learn to live on very little.  Life as an artist is not for the faint at heart.  One has to be willing to go for long periods without money, but it eventually comes.  The waiting is the hardest part, to quote Tom Petty.

Life at the beach has been an amazing experience.  I have grown as an artist and I have met some good friends.  I am always inspired by the other artists I meet here.  There is definitely a creative spirit in this town, and I think there always has been.  It also inspires me to write.  I have never experienced writer’s block, much to the dismay of some.  Hopefully life as a starving artist will be short lived and I will become well fed.


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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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