My Time in Latvia (part 2)

We spent 12 hours at the airport in Stockholm and then took a plane to Riga, the Capitol city.  The entire group of volunteers for the Baltics boarded a bus for our first destination, the beach resort town of Jurmala.  

We pulled up to a hotel located right on the beach.  The town of Jurmala consisted mostly of old homes left over from the era of Czars.  The beaches were beautiful with light colored sand reminiscent if the Caribbean.  The only thing missing were palm trees and buildings.  The only building on the beach was a stand for refreshments.

We began a week of training, learning useful phrases, an introduction to culture and getting to know each other.  I was excited to be on the beach.  At the he first opportunity I headed down the path that lead to the sea.  A man ran down the path ahead of me.  I didn’t pay much attention to it until at the end of the path he was standing there with his pants pulled down.


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