Estate Records (Exerpt from my memoir #17)

The bus driver had pulled into a rest stop in the mountain range that luckily had a small store with food.  I spent most of the day reading a book I had bought before I left San Francisco.  The young man next to me kept falling asleep and trying to lean his head on my shoulder.  I kept pushing him off.  I would have asked to move seats, but the bus was full.  As one can expect the passengers on the bus were not happy about being stuck for three days.  Had our driver put chains on the bus, we would have been in Seattle already.  Every once in awhile I got off the bus to stretch my legs and get some food.


After three very long days we were able to get back on the road again. In Seattle I got off the bus and was excited to be back.  A man came up to me and said, “Did you see that poor woman who had to deal with the guy constantly trying to lay his head on her shoulder?  What a jerk!”  I replied, “Yeah, that was awful.”  Gina came and picked me up at the bus station.  I would stay with her for about a week.  That night we went to the airport to pick up Elizabeth, also returning from San Francisco.  She had lived in San Francisco at one time and told Gina and I about her ex boyfriend who use to beat her with a baseball bat.  I had never known this about her before.  She had married our friend Travis and always seemed happy go lucky.  One would never believe she could have suffered the kind of abuse she was telling us about and be so upbeat all of the time.  I was glad she was now with Travis, who was peaceful and kind.


I called Scotty a few days after I had been back.  I was nervous about speaking with him as he was angry with me that I left several months before.  He wanted to meet me to play some pool in Pioneer Square.  At first he acted aloof.  He was still angry at me.  He warmed up after a while and we were friends again.  I let him beat me at pool.  I was a better pool player than he, but I knew better than to slaughter his ego.  Over the next several weeks we saw each other and began dating again.



Scotty’s best friend Wally met us at the Comet Tavern.  We sat at one of the long tables and talked about music.  Their band Wally World had recorded several songs which Scotty had on a tape.  He and Wally began talking about how they should try to put a record out.  Wally agreed, and the conversation ended their.  I had heard this talk of putting a record out several times.  They talked about it, but did nothing towards actually having it done.  I thought maybe it was fear of failure holding them back.  It is a bit terrifying to go after what you want.  You might fail, or you might actually get it,  And then what?  I looked at the two of them sitting across the table from me.  “Why don’t you put out a record yourselves,” I suggested.  I told them I would help them figure out how to get such a thing done.  We sat and discussed how we might do such a thing and after a few hours Estate Records became a reality.


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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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