Estate Records (Exerpt from my memoir #16)

I stood in the doorway staring at him in shock.  I had not told very many people where I was living, which is why I was so surprised to see him.  After letting him inside he told me that he had done some digging and found out my address from someone I had written.  He was on vacation and wanted someone to show him around town.  I told him of my troubles finding work. We made a deal that I would show him all of the sites he wanted to see and he would buy my meals.  After talking for a while and catching up we walked out the door and up two blocks to Haight street.  I took him a couple of blocks down Haight to an Ethiopian restaurant where we had lunch.  The rest of the afternoon we walked up and down Haight street exploring all of the interesting shops.  The rest of the week we went to see L7 play live at a club nearby, we went dancing at a venue that played World Music, went to hole in the wall restaurants and ate fantastic food and explored San Francisco.  It was one of the best weeks I have ever had.  So I was extremely sad when he left to go back to Seattle.  

I kept up my job search and finally got a job at a bed and breakfast in Japan Town.  I enjoyed working the front desk and greeting the guests.  And just when it looked like things might work out for a while, my housemates said they were going to move so I would have to find a place.  I was drained of money by that time and even with a job, there was no way I could get a place on my own.  I decided to work until I had to be out of the flat.  The day i packed up my belongings to take a bus back to Seattle, my friend Elizabeth called to tell me she was in town and wanted to see me.  I told her i was on my way out the door to catch a bus back north.  We agreed to get together once we were both back in Seattle.  Some of Rhonda’s friends gave me a ride to the bus station and I boarded a Greyhound bus.


The bus ride back to Seattle was anything but smooth.  We had to change buses in Sacramento and in the bus station a man began to say sexually explicit things to me.  Some men noticed and one of them told him to leave me alone that he was my boyfriend.  He got rid of that guy, but he did not turn out to be much better.  I thanked him and after boarding the bus I took a seat by the window. He sat down in the seat next to me.  At first I did not think much of it.  The bus left the station and things went well until we were in the Siskiyou Mountains.  Our bus driver was an elderly man and he had not put chains on the bus and we were stuck in the snow on the mountain for 3 days.


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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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