Estate Records (Exerpt from my memoir #13)

According to Robert Gina’s boyfriend Brad had her shooting up heroin.  I asked him if he was sure and he told me yes.  I wondered why Gina would do something so stupid.  Not wanting to lose another friend to drugs I called her and invited her out to dinner.  I told her it was my treat.  We met at Chang’s Mongolian Grill on Broadway, one of our favorite restaurants.  After receiving our meal I told her that if a man loved her he would not want her to use heroin.  As expected she got mad, but I didn’t care.  It was not like me to give  a lecture, but I felt this was important and I assumed she would get mad and upset.  She left the restaurant angry but she did not use heroin again.  The woman Brad married would not be so lucky.  They were able to get themselves off heroin, which is admirable since people speak on how hard it is to quit that drug.  They went on the methadone program, but Brad’s wife still could not handle it and one day she shot herself in the head in their trailer.  I would like to think that I saved Gina from that fate.

Scotty and Jay decided to move from the warehouse to the University District.  It was more easily accessible and close to stores and restaurants.  They rented a house with a woman Scotty’s best friend Wally was seeing, Debbie.    Debbie was attending the University of Washington to get a teaching degree.  She was what one today would call a hipster.  The rest of us were more or less geeks.  I stayed with Scotty one night and in the morning I left wearing his black leather jacket.  As I walked down University Avenue a group of young men approached me.  One put his hand on the collar of the jacket as if he was going to take it off of me.  The other put his hand on my purse and began to pull.  I had to think quick, I did not want to explain to Scotty that someone stole his jacket.  I quickly walked out into the busy morning traffic.  Cars came to a screeching halt.  All eyes were on the young men trying to grab the jacket and purse.  

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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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