Estate Records (Exerpt from my memoir #11)

 I started walking towards the pay phone to call the police.  The bikers must have sensed that the police would soon come.  They left quickly and we never saw them in the bar again.  The bartenders gave us free beer for the rest of the night.  That was the only time I ever experienced violence at the Comet.

A few weeks later I entered the Comet after work.  Rick, a friend of mine, invited me to dinner.  As we were leaving he grabbed Stephanie, one of the bartenders to join us.  We walked a block and a half to Piecora’s Pizza.  We sat in one of the red booths and ordered our dinner.  I was famished and the pizza was the best in town.  Stephanie began to tell us the latest news on her band 7 Year Bitch.  She talked excitedly about the new album they had coming out.  I was jealous of her success but happy for her.  I told her I knew some college radio stations in the Bay Area that would probably be interested in playing their music and said I would bring her the information the next time I saw her at the bar.  The band had just returned from playing a gig in Canada.  Rick and I ate our pizza while Stephanie told us how she met Geddy Lee from Rush and some other Canadian musicians at a dinner they were invited to.  It was nice to see someone so excited about what they were doing and their future.  I sat in awe listening to her stories.  After such a fun evening I was not prepared for what l would learn the next morning.

Looking in the mirror over my bathroom sink, I carefully applied mascara to my eyelashes.  The song on the radio ended and the DJ began to report some local news.  He said that Stephanie had died the night before.

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