Estate Records (Exert from my memoir #10)

I couldn’t look at Jay’s expression but I left the room and went into Scotty’s room and went to sleep.

I entered the Comet Tavern and went to the bar to buy a beer.  The bartender Jason greeted me with his usual, “Hi Bono.”  He had called me that ever since we had a disagreement about the band U2.  He gave me the beer and I went and sat down at a table to wait for Scotty.  I saw him walk in and he was with Jay.  The three of us went into the next room to play pool.  While we were playing pool Greg showed up and joined us.  I was still mad at Scotty for not telling me Jay was moving in with him.  After finishing our pool game we went and sat at a table.  Jay was sitting next to me and leaned over and said, “Wendy, do you realize you are sitting here with your current boyfriend and two former boyfriends and we are all getting along?  That is pretty cool.”  I had not thought of that, but I agreed and was glad that what he said was true.

For the most part things at the Comet Tavern were pretty laid back.  One could sip a cold beer or play pool or both.  It was surprising one afternoon when my friends and I were playing pool that some bikers came into the bar.   We were sitting at a booth and watched them congregate at a table near by.  A couple of the guys from my booth got up and walked into the room with the pool table.  One of the guys from the biker group came to our booth and sat down.  We had never actually met anyone in a biker gang before and at first we were fascinated by them.  Things took a turn when one of the guys playing pool came back to our table and informed the biker that he was sitting in his seat.  The biker rose up from his seat and his fist went into my friends face.  Blood was everywhere, people were screaming.  The girls from the biker group came up and started threatening my girlfriends and I.

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