Estate Records (Exert from my memoir #9)

He asked me what I was doing there and I asked him the same.  He told me he was moving in.

I walked into the room where Scotty was sitting and told him Jay was moving in.  He looked at me and smiled.  We helped Jay with his boxes of things and after placing them all in his room the three of us sat down to relax.  Scotty got up to go make some snacks leaving Jay and I alone in the living room.  I was still in a state of disbelief that Jay was there.  Scotty had assured me that he and Jay had not spoken for quite some time and now here was Jay sitting in front of me.  Jay mentioned how it was getting late and that I could stay with him if I wanted.  Before I could answer Scotty returned with a plate of food.  After finishing the food Scotty got up to put the dishes in the kitchen.  Again Jay mentioned that I could stay with him.  When he returned I motioned for him to follow me out of the room.  I told him that Jay kept telling me I could stay with him.   I was angry that he lied to me about Jay and that he had not told Jay we were seeing each other.  He told me not to worry that he would handle it.  Scotty told Jay that he was going to bed.  Jay once again told me I could stay with him.  “She is staying with me,”  he informed him.

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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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