Estate Records (Exert from my memoir #5)

I found it very sexy to have a man cook for me.  I wasn’t use to it and the fact that he knew how to cook surprised me.   I didn’t really have anything to make and told him I would have to go to the store.  He opened the fridge and a few of my cupboards and told me to go have a seat in the living room.  Sitting on the sofa I heard the clink of pans, the sound of things being chopped and the aroma of savory meat filled the room.  A gourmet meal of pasta and chicken was served to me by the man who worked construction.

I had always been one of those people who could not cook without a recipe.  I always followed the instructions to a tee.  If I did not have all of the ingredients, the recipe was not made.  Scotty got me thinking outside the box.  I began viewing cooking as an art form with rules to be broken and experiments being tried.  He lived his entire life outside the box and I had always lived mine inside.  He began drawing my true personality out, which is what kept me interested and what would in the future make it hard to leave.

After dinner he said he had to get up early the following morning to get to the construction site. Before he left he told me he hid an emergency cigarette somewhere in my apartment so that if I ran out I would have to call him to find out where he had hid the emergency cigarette.  He always left a reason to come back or for me to have to contact him.  Although charming it revealed his insecurities. He often appeared confident and almost a big arrogant at times, few people saw his other side.  At the door he pulled me into him placing his hands on my hips.  His warm kisses made me want more, so I told him he better leave.


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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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