A New Way of Training

When I lived in Seattle I would run outdoors unless it was pouring rain.  Many a day I ran in the rain, wind, sun and snow.  Now that I live in the desert running outdoors becomes harder in the summer as it is just too hot.  Preparing for a half marathon is even more challenging.  I am now doing something I did not do in my previous two races, I am training on a treadmill.

The treadmill does have some advantages as it forces me to keep a certain pace.  When running on my own I can slow down as I get tired.  The treadmill keeps me going at a steady pace.  I will incorporate one or two runs in the early morning or at night so that on race day I am prepared to run on the hard surface.

It will be interesting to see if working on the treadmill increases my pace or not.  I will time my runs once my program has me run 3,2 miles as I have run that distance often and know what my general pace is.

Cross training is also an important part of preparing for a race.  Cross training prevents injuries by working muscles in a different way than your normal activity.  For my cross training I will be riding my bicycle and swimming laps.  Both of those activities are easy on the joints as opposed to running.  I will be taking today off to allow my muscles to recover.  Have a great weekend!


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I am a freelance writer and artist living in southern California.

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